Weekend TwitTips – from Feb 20

As some of you might have noticed, Denise (aka Vysed) has started tweeting little grammar tips during the weekends. These can be comics, rhymes, youtube videos (School House Rock, anyone?), or just about anything she feels might help others out there to remember the little things. 
In last night’s session she covered the use of lie vs lay. Let’s see what she had to say about the matter:


First, let me give credit to Robin at HubPages. For me, I use association.

  • Lie is to recline (there’s an i in recline and i in lie)
  • Lay is to put or place (there’s an a in lay and an a in place)
  • Lay is always followed by an object. Examples: You lay a book on the table. You lie in the sun.
But now it gets tricky… Let’s change tenses.
  • The past tense of lie… is lay. “Yesterday, I lay in the sun.”
  • The past tense of lay is laid… “She laid the book on the table.” (Subject  the book  follows.)
For those of you who would like to test yourselves, I found this online quiz: 
Hopefully, I haven’t confused you more. If so, EBS is here to help.


So, did any of it help? What did you score on the quiz? If you’re interested in seeing older TwitTips, click here! To comment, just click on the title of this post!

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