Twit-Tip: Who Are You? Who? Whom? Who? WHAT? Using Who, Whom, Whose, and Who’s

The word who is a pronoun—like he, she, it, we, you, and they—and follows the same rules. When being used as the subject of a sentence, who is the correct form. 

Here are the rules:

Use who the same way you’d use she, he, etc:

Who is going to the store?

She’s going to the store?

Use whom the way you’d use her, him, etc:

I made the check out to him. 

To whom should I make out the check?

Whose is the possessive form. Use it the way you’d use hers, his, etc:

This sweater is hers. 

Whose sweater is this?


Who’s is a contraction for who is or who has. It is never used to show possession. Though possessives are usually formed by adding an apostrophe s, this is never true of possessive pronouns: hers, yours, theirs, his, ours, whose. 

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