30 Days of Trivia

Starting April 1, we are doing 30 days of trivia. No, this is not an April Fools’ prank.

Questions will be posted on our Facebook page and Twitter. Longer questions will direct to a Tumblr page. To answer a question, submit the answer via the form on the page dedicated to this event.

The questions will be posted 12 hours apart, at 9am and 9pm EDT (that’s 6am/pm PDT and 2am/pm GMT). Each question will be open for 10 hours, or until the answer is posted by EBS. Once the answer has been posted, we will no longer be accepting responses for that question.

We are going to be keeping tabs on scoring, so make sure to always use the same name and email in the form. Extra interesting answers may be awarded bonus points, at our discretion. Each Sunday or Monday, we will post the status of the scoring, along with the answers that got awarded points. There are no special prizes at the end, but the top three participants will be getting badges once the results have been published.

We hope everyone will have some fun with this. We can’t stop you from googling the answers, but we have tried our very best to make it at least a little hard for you to do so 😉

We also can’t stop you from answering our questions on Twitter or Facebook, but please keep in mind that there are others participating as well, and answering publicly can ruin the fun.

The first question will be posted at 9am EDT tomorrow morning.

Once the 30 days of trivia are over, we have a big surprise for everyone, so stay tuned!

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