30 Days of Trivia, First Roundup

It’s  been a week since we launched this program, and it has been very exciting so far. We have loved going over your answers and seeing how knowledgeable you are about certain subjects. Even when the answers have been wrong, we feel like we are learning something new while teaching at the same time.

If you haven’t participated already and are worried to start out way behind, don’t worry. There are still 47 questions left, and even more points to be awarded. And, as you will see below, some questions allow for the opportunity to add information to the answer, in which case we might award bonus points.

So, without further ado, here is the list of trivia participants in order of highest to lowest scores:


AnnaLund2011 – 16 points

Lisbeth Tejada – 15 points

Melissa – 8.5 points

Ale – 7 points

Iris – 6 points

Kathy – 5 points

Amanda K – 4 points

Idealskeptic – 4 points

Ooza – 1 point

Answers and Bonus Points

In case you are interested, here is the list of the first twelve questions and the answers we awarded points to:

#1 Who compiled the stories of the legend of King Arthur and Merlin, and what is the title of the compilation? (2 pts)

No one answered this question correctly in time, but the answer was Thomas Malory and Le Morte D’Arthur.

#2 Correct the mistake: She asked him to keep it a secret, so he had to be discrete. (1 pt)

One point for replacing “discrete” with “discreet.”

#3 Name three typical spelling differences between American and British English. (3 pts)

Points given for o/ou (color/colour), ize/ise (realize/realise), er/re (theater/theatre) and single vs double consonant when adding -ing (traveling/travelling). Half a point for pyjamas vs. pajamas, as it is a spelling difference, but a difference for only that particular word.

#4 He was an Oxford scholar, an English professor, and a member of the Inklings. Born in Ireland, he was highly influenced by religion in his writings. (1 pt)

One point for C.S. Lewis.

#5 Correct the mistake: The boy cried “Wolf! Wolf!” (1 pt)

One point for adding a comma after “cried.”

#6 Is “yawned” a dialogue tag?

One point for saying “no.”

#7 Four writers were vacationing close to Lake Geneva. On one stormy night, the group decided to each write a ghost story to tell the others around the fire. This resulted in one of the most famous science fiction stories of all time, and indeed one of the first of its genre, written by the only woman in the group. What is the story, and who wrote it? (2 pts)

Two points for naming Mary Shelley and Frankenstein. Extra points for mentioning Galvani, whose ideas the group were discussing when they started their challenge, and for mentioning Mary Shelley’s full name (Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin), and the full title of the novel (Frankenstein: or The Modern Prometheus).

#8 Correct the mistake: Leave he and I alone, please. (2 pts)

One point for changing “he and I” into “us.” Two points for replacing “he” and “I” with “him” and “me.” One point if only one of the pronouns was changed.

#9 Is this a simile, a metaphor, or an analogy? “The falling snow was like little tufts of cotton drifting down from heaven.” (1 pt)

One point for simile.

#10 Many people might know the final movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony as Ode to Joy. Who wrote the poem that goes with that tune? (1 pt)

One point for Schiller or Friedrich Schiller.

#11 Correct the mistake: I went to the store, it was busy. (1 pt)

One point for changing the comma to a period or a semicolon, or for adding an “and” after the comma.

#12 What’s the difference between “denotation” and “connotation”? (1 pt)

One point for saying that denotation is the literal meaning and connotation is a meaning associated with the word. We got a few variations of these definitions, but they were all correct.

#13 What were the pen names of the Brontë sisters? (3 pts)

One point for each: Acton, Currer, and Ellis Bell. Extra point for mentioning that they used the middle name of Charlotte’s husband, Arthur Bell Nicholls, as their last name.


For better explanations for answers, check out the trivia site, EBStrivia.tumblr.com, and read the Answer posts. If you would like any of the answers to be explained more fully, please feel free to suggest for us to do so by commenting on this post or contacting the admins.

Bonus Question!

BQ#1 Eugene Francois Vidocq was a criminal and a private detective who inspired the two main characters in a very famous novel/musical. Which novel, and who is the writer? (2 pts)

Answers should be submitted using the usual methods (click here). Please identify the question number as BQ#1.

The answer will be revealed at the next roundup, so everyone is free to submit an answer until then.

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