The Queens of Trivia and Thank You For Playing

This is it. The 30 days are up, and all the points have been counted. We know we have said this a million times before, but we have truly enjoyed hosting this trivia game.  We have learned a lot during the last month, and, more importantly, we have watched our followers learn as well. Some questions resulted in essay answers that have been highly amusing to read.

Who knows, maybe we’ll do this again one day, but for now, we need to focus on bigger and better things. We have something very exciting coming up in May, but you will have to stay tuned to find out what that very secret thing is.

Until then, let’s wrap up this game of trivia. First, the last five questions and answers:

Answers and Bonus Points

In case you are interested, here is the list of the second batch of questions and the answers we awarded points to:

#56 Correct the mistake: Has she wrote you back? (1 pt)

One point for changing “wrote” to “written.”

#57 Dialogue tags and action tags are otherwise known as… (2 pts)

Two points for naming attributions and beats. One point if only one was given.

#58 Who was the first kid to find a golden ticket to the chocolate factory in the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl? (1 pt)

One point for Augustus Gloop. Bonus point for extra information on the character of Augustus.

#59 Correct the mistake: She said, “you are not alone.” (1 pt)

One point for changing the y to a capital letter.

#60 What do restrictive and nonrestrictive clauses mean to the placement of commas? (2 pts)

Two points for saying that nonrestrictive clauses require commas before and/or after it, and restrictive clauses do not.

BQ#4 Name all three Brontë sisters (3 pts)

Three points for naming Charlotte, Anne, and Emily. A bonus point for mentioning the other children of that family: Mary, Elizabeth (both of which died at early age) and Patrick.


For better explanations for answers, check out the trivia site,, and read the Answer posts. If you would like any of the answers to be explained more fully, please feel free to suggest for us to do so by commenting on this post or contacting the admins.


The top three have been removed from this list. They get their own spotlight.

Kathy – 40 points

Melissa – 34.5 points

Ale – 34 points

Iris – 22 points

Daphodill – 6 points

Amanda K – 4 points

Idealskeptic – 4 points

Katie Cav – 2 points

Kat and Crystal – 1 point each

The Queens of Trivia

Third place goes to Ooza, who had 41 points at the end of the game.

Second place goes to LisbethTejada, who had racked up 83 points in the end.

3rd_Ooza 2nd_LisbethTejada

Anna earned her first place with whooping 91 points!

Anna earned her first place with whooping 91 points!

Fun fact: the total points available in this game, including bonus questions, were 91. Many questions also allowed for bonus points to be awarded, so participants could have ended up with 100 points or more. Many times we were compelled to award bonus points, especially to these top three ladies, who often provided detailed responses or hilarious commentary.

That’s It, and Thank You All For Playing!

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