30 Days of Trivia

Duration: 30 days: April 1 – 30

Questions: 60 (but look out for bonus questions)

Categories: Literature, grammar, punctuation, general use of language, and writing

Prizes: None, though the top three participants will receive badges as a recognition of their excellence

Questions? Use the Contact Us form to contact the admins


1. All questions will be posted on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

Longer questions will link to a Tumblr page.

2. All answers should be submitted using the form on this page.

We can’t stop you from answering on Twitter or Facebook, but please keep in mind that there are others participating as well, and answering publicly can ruin the fun.

3. Questions will be posted every 12 hours: 9am and 9pm EDT.

The answer will be posted 10 hours later (7am/pm EDT). All answers we receive after the answer has been revealed by EBS will not be counted.

4. Scores will be posted and updated each Sunday or Monday.

Most questions will be for 1 point. Some questions will have 2 or 3 points. Extra interesting answers may be awarded bonus points at our discretion.

5. There are no special prizes; we are doing this to have some fun.

However, the top three participants will get badges as a reward for their excellence.

Submit your answer:

We will not use your email for anything else than as means of contact. We will not be posting which questions an individual got right or wrong, or who got the correct answers posted along with the scores. If you provide a link to your twitter account, we will link to it on the scoreboard.

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