About Us

Emergency Beta Service offers to provide quick answers to any questions you might have concerning grammar, summaries, and/or insignificant plot points. Example: if you are unsure when to say ‘Edward and I’ or ‘Edward and me’ you can simply write us a question and the next available beta will answer it in a timely fashion. The goal is to answer within two hours of receiving the question, but please bear in mind that this is a voluntary operation, which means that we might not always have enough staff to run this 24/7, or enough people to answer all the questions right away.

We do accept teasers if it so happens that your beta is unavailable and you want to participate in some kind of tease thread/post which has a deadline, but please specify where and when the teaser is going to be posted. We also ask that the teaser is no more than 250 words.

When we have received your question, we will answer to the email you submitted in the form. If there is something you still don’t understand you may write back and ask for a clarification, and a beta available might offer you to discuss the matter via gchat. To submit a new question, you will have to fill out the form again.All emails will be monitored. If we find out someone is bypassing the system or acting rudely towards our betas, we will send them one warning before putting them on probation. If they step out of line again, we reserve the right to refuse them service.

How to Submit a Question

Click here and fill out the form and we will respond within 2-3 hours, or as soon as we can if we are not officially open.
If your question is short enough to fit into 125 characters, then send it to @emergencybeta and someone will respond as quickly as possible.

Add us on gchat, using emergencybeta@gmail.com, and ping us if you have a question or anything writing related you would like to discuss.

Please post each question only once. If we notice someone trying to use all modes to get their question answered, they will be marked as an abuser and will either get a warning or be blocked. 


We do not accept complete chapters or one-shots.

We also reserve the right to deny services if in cases of violation of EBS rules.

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