CallMePagliacci–called Pagly for short, and for reduced pretentiousness–is thrilled to be joining EBS, where she hopes her grammar-wonk tendencies can be used for good instead of evil.

Pagly’s urge to beta manifested young, when during her usual nighttime read-along of The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear, she would often correct her grandmother when her finger was not in the same place as the word she was reading.  These reading sessions are also the reason why it took years of extensive voice training at the local theater to be able to pronounce the word “drawer” without a thick Boston accent.

She grew up in southwest Florida, which she suspects has something to do with her healthy appreciation for the absurd.

Some of Pagly’s favorite authors are Joan Didion, Graham Greene, Philip Pullman and Alan Moore, whose seminal work Watchmen inspired her penname.  She’s certain she’ll think of a dozen other names to add to that list as soon as she sends in this blurb.

Her favorite type of music is guitar-driven rock with a strong lyrical structure, except when it isn’t.  She loves art of all descriptions, is a bit of a foodie, and speaks French and Japanese.  Rhetoric is probably her favorite thing in the world.

Pagly tried valiantly to avoid the mess that was “the Twilight phenomenon,” really she did.  All those crazy bitches lining up in front of the movie theaters scared her, and besides, she was an academic.  Far too highbrow for any of that carrying-on.  And then she saw Edward Cullen strut into the Forks High cafeteria, and all was lost.  That night, she somehow managed to find an unquestionably-illegal blog on her coal-powered flip phone that had the entire text of the saga available for online reading.  (A word from Mr. Mackey: mmm, copyright infringement is bad, mmkay?)  Two sleepless days later, Pagly’d read the entire series.  She couldn’t stop thinking about it.  She wasn’t sure why she liked it so much, but she did.  Because Pagly is just that much of a nerd, she decided to write a position paper exploring her feelings regarding the Saga, and it was in the process of researching that paper that she discovered fanfiction.

Needless to say, Pagly hasn’t accomplished much since.

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