LJ Summers

LJ Summers is honored to have been accepted to the staff of EBS.  A natural introvert, she operates best behind a keyboard, where she wields a wicked “highlighter of doom.”  Her authors are much less inclined to argue about this highlighter than her former students.

A native of Southern California, her heart lives in the desert.  She has lived in Phoenix as well as South Florida, though she is now making her way to Maryland.  Still a desert-dweller at heart, she has taken an anti-sock stance as she prepares to move north.

Midnight Sun captured LJ’s imagination, ensuring that she read the entire Twilight Saga.  Her natural response to this saga was to write stories to fix things – which she wrote before she knew what “fan fiction” or a “Twilight Fandom” was.  She wrote her “fan fixes” for herself and her teenaged son at first. Since then, she’s beta’d for many amazing authors in the fandom and amuses herself by stalking their reviews.

A wife of one and mom of two, she writes and edits in the real world as well as the fandom.  You can find her on twitterFFnMyVampFictionADFAO3, and Twilighted.

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