SusanQ was bitten by the Fan Fiction bug two years ago when, after reading the Twilight books time and time again, left her needing more. She is now a voracious reader. Ask her family. The once busy housewife and mother grumbles when she has to do anything non fic related.

When not teaching math and language arts to primary age, special education students, SusanQ betas for a Twilight author, and lectures her 7th grade daughter on her continual misuse of there, their, and they’re.

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Susan’s EBS Beta Spotlight Interview

EBS: Hi, Susan!

Susan: Hi!

EBS: How was your vacation? We missed you!

Susan: It was great. A two week cruise to Hawaii — I’d never been on a cruise or to Hawaii, so it was a whole new experience for me.

EBS: I so envy you, but I’m glad you got some time off! So tell us, please, how did you decide to become a beta?

Susan: I teach language arts to elementary age special education students and I’m kind of a grammar nerd. I find myself beta-ing stories as I read them. I had been thinking about signing up to beta when I read a story from a brand new author. I decided to PM her and ask if she was looking for a beta and the rest is history.

EBS: I know who you are talking about. VampsHaveLaws, right? Such a gifted author, her Evading Edward is a great story!

Susan: Yes, VampsHaveLaws. She is such a descriptive writer — I can visualize so much when I read her stories. Plus, I love a good high school story and hers just spoke to me. She uses a lot of humor in her writing, also.

EBS: What is your proudest work as beta?

Susan: I really only beta full time for VampsHaveLaws. I work on her one shots and multi chapter stories, Evading Edward and Cracks in the Pavement. But my proudest moments are when I start red-penning and don’t have much work to do. She has grown incredibly as a writer. I’m such a proud mama!

EBS: Oh, you should be proud. VHL’s stories are well loved and I’m sure your support as a beta plays an important role in it! Is there something about beta-ing that you love the most?

Susan: Particularly with EBS, I like the immediacy of helping an author with that one word they can’t think of, or helping them re-work a line, or whether a comma needs to be in the sentence. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes.

EBS: Yes! It’s so nice to see that our idea about providing instant beta help took off! How did you decide to join EBS?

Susan: I saw some announcements on Twitter for this new idea, “Emergency Beta Service”, and it just called to me. It’s something that I love to do and a great way to give back to the fandom. I didn’t know any of our wonderful betas before I started, but I have enjoyed getting to know them and many of the authors that use EBS! My “to be read” list has grown since reading snippets of the stories I have worked on!

EBS: Do you write?

Susan: I don’t write and I don’t have plans to write, but being on this side of the writing process certainly gives me an appreciation for what the authors in the fandom give us. I am so grateful!

EBS: It’s my firm believe that any writer can benefit from beta help. It amazes me, time after time, seeing the amount of effort and care betas invest into the stories they work on. There is no monetary reward, no fame compared to the appreciation received by the author of a successful story, and yet, betas are here, every day, pouring their love and support. Unsung heroes, of sort, don’t you think?

Susan: I suppose so, but I think those of us that beta do it for the love of words, and grammar, and sentence structure, and… I definitely am not an outspoken person in the fandom. I mostly lurk, but mainly because I’m shy — even though our community is fairly anonymous. So the fame part, I probably wouldn’t be comfortable with it. It reminds me of the interviews I’ve read from Bernie Taupin, Elton John’s lyricist, who has always been more than happy to remain behind-the-scenes. In my case, VHL gives me a shout out with every chapter — it’s very generous of her. Really, she’s the one doing the hard work.

EBS: Well, hence EBS taking this opportunity and showcasing our betas. Do you have a place where you maybe write down your thoughts, share ideas, feelings?

Susan: I really don’t. I just opened a Tumblr account, but I have no idea how to use it! I’m thinking I’ll use it mainly to share pretty pictures of Rob. 😉

EBS: Tumblr? A blessing and a curse, I call it. It consumes you and your time, beware! Either way, it’s fun, enjoy!

Susan: Maybe I’ll have my teenage daughters help me out.

EBS: I’m sure they’ll enjoy your pretty pictures of Rob as well. 🙂 Tell us about your favorites: books, music, movies?

Susan: I read mostly Twi Fic, but I have a very broad range of stories that I will read. I love Edward and Bella as much as I love Edward and Jasper! I used to read a ton of true crime books, mainly by Ann Rule, but I find myself reading more and more young adult. What does that say about me? The last book I read was Anna and the French Kiss, which is as good as many fics I’ve read! I have read the Twilight series more times than I’d like to admit; I am your go-to gal for canon questions!

EBS: This is very handy for everyone who uses the EBS service! We are all taking note, thank you! What helps you to improve your mood if you’re in a bad one? What makes you feel better?

Susan: Well, chocolate, I suppose. I also love to escape with whichever Edward is sitting in my email inbox at the time.

EBS: I hear you. And my love for dark chocolate has no bounds. Which one do you prefer, milk or dark?

Susan: Definitely milk chocolate — much higher fat content. I go all out. 😉

EBS: *snort* Who would argue with that? Thank you for chatting with us tonight. We are very thankful to have you, Susan!

Susan: Thank you for doing this for us. And thank you for creating EBS. I know many authors are using and appreciate the service!

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