Tiffany lives in Charleston, SC, where she studies Studio Art and English and hopes to get a job in publishing one day. She is obsessed with classic movies Marie Antoinette, and Rob Pattinson. Tiff has always had a love for writing and is known among family and friends as the resident grammar and spelling queen. Her husband gets tired of her correcting his grammar sometimes, but he reaps the benefits of having someone to proofread papers and emails!

She was bitten by the Twilight bug (er, fang?)  in 2008, and hasn’t looked back since. She was at a loss once the books were finished, until a friend introduced her to fanfiction. Once she devoured a few stories, Tiffany started working on her own stories and eventually started beta’ing for fandom friends. She’s been with PTB since May 2009 and is a former Twilighted VB. She especially loves finding new writers with promising stories and watching them grow in the fandom.

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Tiffany’s EBS Beta Spotlight Interview

EBS: Hi, Tiff. How are you tonight?

Tiffanyanne3: I’m doing well, thank you!

EBS: Thank you for finding the time to chat with me. Tell us, how did you become a beta?

Tiffanyanne3: I was contacted by a reader of my first multi-chapter story. She asked if I would be interested in being her beta, and I agreed. I picked up a few other authors through forums, etc. Not long after that, I saw a call for a new beta service that was starting up. I joined PTB and have been a beta there ever since.

EBS: Sounds like you’ve been doing it for a while. Do you ever feel like it’s too much, and you need to step out for a bit?

Tiffanyanne3: It seems like it’s always feast or famine in the beta world. I seem to go for a week or so and get nothing, but then I’ll be bombarded with five chapters at once. Don’t get me wrong – I’m always happy to see chapters from my authors. But every now and then, it gets a little overwhelming. If that happens, I let the authors know that it might be a couple of days before I can get to their chapters. They don’t usually mind.

EBS: What about EBS? How did you learn about us, and why did you decide to join?

Tiffanyanne3: The first I heard about EBS was through Twitter. I think it’s a great idea, especially for those times when you’re writing and just have a quick question. When I saw a tweet go out asking for new betas, I decided it would be a cool way to help, not just authors, but fellow betas who have quick questions as well.

EBS: This is something you’ll see a lot around EBS. We ask each other questions and hear from other betas as well. It’s great that we’re trusted in the beta community as well! What is your proudest work as a beta?

Tiffanyanne3: I’m so honored and lucky to be a beta for Tkegl, who wrote Beyond Time. We work well together, and I’m happy that she keeps coming back to me! It’s been awesome to watch how she’s grown in the fandom.

EBS: Tkegl is an amazing author! And what is your favorite part of being a beta?

Tiffanyanne3: I love being one of the first people to see a new story that is really promising. Finding diamonds in the rough and helping the author polish them up is a real treat!

EBS: Yes! That, and when I find something that really touches me, I never hesitate to promote the story. The fandom is amazing when it comes to support. Thank you for being part of it, Tiff.  Do you write? If you do, tell us about it.

Tiffanyanne3: I do. I started out with a one-shot called Lengths, and began a multi-chapter story called Love Me or Leave Me shortly after. My proudest work, though, is my more recent one called You Should Know. It’s a Bella/Edward story with extremely low angst and a lot of funny and sweet moments between them as well as the rest of the gang. I’m starting a new project very soon called “Seven Year Hitch,” which I think is going to be lots of fun.

EBS: Haha, for some reason, it instantly brings to mind two movies, “Seven Year Itch” with Marylin Monroe and “Hitch”. I love both, by the way.

Tiffanyanne3:  Haha! “Seven Year Itch” is where I got the inspiration for the title.

EBS: Nice! Do you have a blog?

Tiffanyanne3: I have a personal blog, where I talk about things I love, do tutorials for creative things, and just ruminate on life sometimes. After one of my readers asked if I had a blog for things like outfits, I created blogs for both of my stories: Love Me or Leave Me blog and You Should Know blog. I also include teasers and pictures.

EBS: I just pile everything into one blog. I should probably considering separating them. Do you find it hard to maintain?

Tiffanyanne3: Sometimes I do. I have so many other things going on that I forget to post blog updates, but I enjoy doing them.

EBS: Talk to us about your favorites. What inspires you? Books, moves, music…

Tiffanyanne3: Obviously, the Twilight Saga is among my list of favorite books, as well as Harry Potter. I love books that make me think, like George Orwell’s 1984. I also like anecdotal essay collections by authors like David Sedaris, Laurie Notaro, and Augusten Burroughs. When it comes to non-fiction, I love reading about astronomy. When it comes to movies, my tastes are varied. I love classic films like Casablanca and Meet Me in St. Louis. Two of my favorite, more current movies are Marie Antoinette and Factory Girl. Music is a big part of my life, and my tastes there are also eclectic. My favorite artists/bands are Ryan Adams, Radiohead, Neko Case, the Avett Brothers, OK Go…the list goes on and on.

EBS: And what makes you tick? In a good way.

Tiffanyanne3:  Music. I’m so inspired by great music, and a lot of my ideas for writing and artwork come from songs I love. I love painting, photography, and drawing. Coffee is my number one addiction, followed closely by traveling. I jump at the chance to go just about anywhere! Most of all, spending whole evenings laughing with my husband is my favorite thing to do.

EBS: Sounds like a great way to spend an evening to me. Thank you for talking to me tonight. And once again, welcome to the EBS team. We are lucky to have you!

Tiffanyanne3: Thank you! I’m very excited to be a part of EBS.

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