EBS Writing Boot Camp

Want to write but can’t stop procrastinating?

Started writing but feel like you’re making no progress?

Can’t stop editing the same paragraph?

Then you need to try the EBS Writing Boot Camp!


The concept is simple: you set a goal — whether it be writing a specific scene or reaching 1,000 words in 50 minutes — and our betas will be there to help you reach it. Your beta will join you at the set time and will be present during your Boot Camp challenge, helping you to stay focused and KEEP ON WRITING. No stopping, no editing —  just write, write, write. If you stop, the beta will be there to talk to you about what troubles you, answer questions, or simply encourage you. And, of course, you will be reminded to keep going. You might even get yelled at, military training style, if that’s the motivation you need. Can you handle that?

Find out by signing up!

We offer 3 types of Writing Boot Camps:

  1. Rookie. Time-driven. Sit down, start writing and try to get as much as you can in one 50 minute session.
  2. Pro. Time-driven but with a goal (finish a scene, a chapter, an outline, etc.).
  3. Hardcore. Time-driven while trying to reach a set word count and accomplish a set goal.

Each type offers the guidance of a beta but with different intensity levels of beta involvement and encouragement during the process.

At the end of the challenge, and if you reach your goal, you will be honored by an EBS tweet and will receive an “I survived EBS Writing Boot Camp!” badge.

How It Works

  • Set a goal (write a scene  or certain word count, finish a chapter or paper, etc)
  • Fill out this form
  • A personal “trainer”/beta will be assigned to you, and the time of the boot camp will be confirmed and communicated to you via email
  • The beta will create a document and invite you via emergencybeta@gmail.com
  • Introduce yourself and discuss with the beta what goals you wish to set for yourself.
    • You will have already selected a difficulty level, but it’s still good to name the goal, whether it be 1,000 words or completion of a specific scene.
      • If it’s a scene, talk a little about what you want included in it and where it should end.
      • Feel free to include outlines or points in the document, but make sure that it is clearly distinguishable from the text you’ll write during boot camp.
      • You are allowed to change your challenge mode if you wish to do so.
  • The beta will set the clock for 50 minutes, and you’re free to start!
  • During the 50 minutes, you can expect the beta to:
    • cheer you on and help you stay motivated
    • reprimand you for excessive self-editing
    • answer your questions if there is something bothering you
    • help you through difficult patches.
  • After 50 minutes, you will have up to half an hour to review your writing process with the beta.
  • At the end of the session, the beta will ask you to complete a review form about your experience. We would appreciate it if you could take two minutes to do this. Then later, you’ll get a badge to prove you’ve completed your chosen Boot Camp level.
  • If you love the experience, sign up again!


  • If you need to cancel your session, please do so at least 12 hours prior to the challenge.
  • The betas are not there to make sure you write a perfectly grammatical chapter. They are there to help you achieve your goal and motivate you.
  • Please don’t expect your text to be perfectly edited once the session is completed.
  • Feel free to ask questions if you are stumped, whether it’s that a sentence just doesn’t work the way you want it to, or that you simply don’t know how to continue.
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